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MSCD Services

Painting by MSCD Art Group 


 Field Worker Service


Our Field Worker,  Ria Sapsford, is available three days a week from 9.00am - 5.00pm (day and hours do vary)

Field Worker contact no's:    Ria - Ph 021 800 643 - Email riasapsfordmmss@inspire.net.nz

Our free Field Worker service to people with multiple sclerosis, their families and their carers, includes:

Maintenance Therapy Groups  

(For further details of these groups please click on the Newsletter tab for our latest newsletter or call the office for info)                                                                                       

·       Exercise Classes
     - Yogalates

          - Massey Personal Training

·       Art Class

·       Peer Support/Social Groups  
     - Coffee Groups
     - The Gathering


·         Education  
        - Seminars 
        - Practical workshops
        - Library - selection of books available at the MSCD Society.

      ·          Minimise fatigue, maximise life (MFML): fatigue management for Multiple Sclerosis


            About the programme   

“Minimise Fatigue, Maximise Life” (MFML) is a self-management programme for fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis developed in New Zealand via collaboration between the MS and Parkinson’s Society Canterbury Inc. and the Centre for Health, Activity, and Rehabilitation Research (CHARR), Otago University.  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, neurodegenerative disorder which can have a devastating effect on people’s lives. New Zealand (NZ) has a high, and rising, prevalence of MS. It is usually diagnosed in young adulthood, affecting people during their ‘productive’ years – when working and raising families. Fatigue affects 75-90% of people with MS and can be the most disabling symptom. Fatigue in MS is not remediable with medication.

In NZ, the lack of support for managing fatigue prompted the development of a self-management programme: ‘Minimise Fatigue, Maximise Life: Creating balance with Multiple Sclerosis’. This self-management programme empowers individuals with MS to manage their own symptoms of fatigue, while learning together in a group situation over the course of six weeks.

Research has shown promise for the efficacy and acceptability of the programme and highlighted the need for online delivery of the programme to those who cannot attend face-to-face delivery. Future collaborations between CHARR and the MS and Parkinson’s Society Canterbury Inc. and a research team in Germany aims to develop and deliver an online fatigue management programme for individuals with MS, but with potential for widening the programme for individuals with other long-term conditions. To this end, we are currently 'mapping' the characteristics of the fatigue programme (with funding support from the School of Physiotherapy) to identify the specific factors that influence behaviour change.



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